4 things every ecommerce site needs

Many people starting out in the ecommerce world are unsure of what needs to be included when building their ecommerce store.

The world is turning digital and businesses are moving with it. People are favouring online stores over physical ones, or at least are encompassing both. Many people starting out in the ecommerce world know that they need a great website design, but are unsure of what needs to be included when a Brisbane web developer is building their ecommerce store.

A great ecommerce store should include:

1. Awesome content

An online store does not have the capability to speak to potential customers like the physical interaction they would experience in a store; therefore written content needs to fill that gap. Lengthy content is not necessary but there needs to be some written call to action, even if it is just the landing page. The content needs to be clear and concise and outline exactly what is for sale, what is on special, what’s in it for the customer and what the company represents.

2. User-friendly features

Many people forego a purchase if it is too difficult to get to the end-point. Confusing tiles, too many click-throughs or unclear menus can all cause the loss of potential sales. An ecommerce site needs to be clear, simple and have the same design as the original website to maintain consumer confidence.

3. A trusted payment system

There are always horror stories of people being swindled out of money online, it is always safe to assume that the customer feels as apprehensive as those people, and implement a clear and safe payment processing system. PayPal for example is an excellent option for payment that is easy to implement or if you are investing in a third-party payment system, ensure the security methods of entering credit card details are clearly outlined.

4. A feedback section

The best type of marketing is word of mouth marketing and positive reviews on an online store and its products is a sure-fire way to gain more customers. Testimonials decrease consumer apprehension when purchasing a product that they can’t physically touch as they can read about how other clients benefited from the purchase.

A trusted, secure and concise ecommerce platform is vital when ensuring sales. When it comes to ecommerce web design in Brisbane, iFactory are the experts and can design the perfect ecommerce website to match any company’s needs. Give us a call on +61 7 3844 0577 to get your ecommerce website off the ground.

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