5 killer design apps to get your images Pinterest-ready

Pinterest is a website that gives its users a way to curate content that interests them – but it can be so much more.

How it works

Members can “pin” content – such as websites, images and recipes – across multiple “boards” organised by interest or topic. Other users can search these collections and “re-pin” pieces that catch their eye, or share them through other social media platforms. This means that clever organisations can reach an active and interested market niche by producing visually-appealing content.

Here at iFactory, you can see from our Pinterest boards that we love pinning things; we know that Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator are great tools for this, but they aren’t for everyone. So instead, here is our Pinterest image guide for pin-friendly image tools for non-designers.


A full-featured pixel manipulator, Pixlr delivers a huge range of tools direct from the web. That’s right! No installations or downloads required. The free version is enough to get your images pin-ready, and the mobile and desktop apps make it easy to take your work away from the Wi-Fi.


Apple fans will love this full-featured graphic editor. Pixelmator is chock-full of slick manipulation features – from simple colour correction and red-eye removal through to full-on CGI effects. The site also offers a range of helpful tutorials, easing the learning curve for everyone.


Hitting the road? You’ll need a mobile image editing app. PicLab turns your smartphone into a graphics factory, with features like border placement and filters as standard. If there’s a feature you need that’s not included, just purchase it directly through the app.


Need filters, frames and text manipulation? Done. What about touching up some modelling shots? Sure! PicMonkey delivers a range of features that make your Pinterest pictures as appealing as possible – and even offers add-on purchases for extra versatility.


If you’d like a free application but also want a huge range of features as standard, Canva is your new best friend. It even includes a range of social media templates – making image manipulation as painless as possible.

There you go! If you haven’t added Pinterest to your list of social media channels, now you have no excuse. If you need a hand managing your social media channels and creating your digital strategy – including Pinterest – we here at iFactory would be happy to help. We’re familiar with all the latest apps, social media and techniques – not to mention agency necessities such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. So go ahead, drop us a line; we’d love to hear from you!

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