8 tips for connecting with your Facebook audience

We all know how important social media is these days, but what are the best ways to connect with your Facebook audience?

We all know how important social media is these days, but what are the best ways to connect with your Facebook audience?

Here are 8 quick and easy tips for creating a fantastic Facebook page for your business:

1. Use the 80/20 rule. Your Facebook posts on your business page should consist of 80% value adding and 20% offerings. Value adding includes things such as articles relevant to your industry and appropriate quotes and tips, while your offerings can be purely the services and products you have available to your audience.

2. Make it clear what your business does. A new visitor to your Facebook page needs to see clearly what it is that you have to offer them. You can do this through your about section, pinned posts or page title.

3. Include a call to action in your Facebook header. You can do this two ways – by including text that entices people to take action in the action picture header and also by using Facebook custom “call to action” button.

4. Only pay for boosting posts or Facebook ads that collect details. Anything you are paying for that just gains likes or followers is a waste of time. Your boosted posts or ads should be leading people into signing up to your site.

5. Have a consistent message and branding across your whole social media networks. Use your brand colours and fonts and consider creating a template for offers and any posts such as tip or quotes.

6. Avoid the dump and run in Facebook groups. Social media is all about making connections and throwing an ad into a group, and never interacting is the online version of junk mail. Find the groups your ideal client frequents and then build relationships there.

7. If you are using your personal account for any kind of social media promotion make sure your profile lists your business page and that it is visible publicly.

8. Create an easy to find Facebook username for your business at

These quick tips can be done in no time and enhance your Facebook business page. If you need help creating a sophisticated online presence get in touch with iFactory today, we are one of Brisbane’s leading digital agencies and deliver cutting edge solutions. Contact iFactory today to find out how we can help your business create a sophisticated Facebook presence that can drive your business further.

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