How to get a custom URL for your Facebook

Your Facebook page is the first impression that you can’t take back and it is as unique as your are. Your Facebook URL should be easy to search, relate to your page and NOT be a long string of impossible to remember and arbitrary numbers.

A Facebook Custom URL or Facebook vanity URL is important to your enhancing your user engagement as part of your online digital strategy. It will improve your search visibility across the Internet and present well for business cards, email signatures, brand consistency and general branding.

To create a Facebook custom URL, simply follow these 5 steps:

1. Navigate your web page to:

2. A text box with title in bold, ‘Create your Facebook web address’. Beneath this, there will be a drop down menu for ‘pages’ where, if you manage multiple pages, you can select the one for the URL you wish to edit.

3. Once you have selected the page, a text box will appear below saying ‘Facebook web address’. From here, you can type in your desired Facebook vanity URL.

Note: Double and triple check you have the correct spelling, as the Facebook custom URL cannot be changed once it has been set. 

4. Once you have typed in the desired name, click the ‘check availability’ button and wait for the results. If the username is unavailable, try variations which keep in line with your desired username.

Note: Your custom URL should reflect the name of the page, the business associated to the page and importantly, be relevant. Once you have confirmed your custom URL, it can not be changed. 

5. Once you have completed this process, congratulations! You now have an easy to read, neat and searchable Facebook custom URL.

If you want to find out more about creating your custom URL, guidelines concerning your Facebook custom URL and other relevant FAQ’s, checkout the Facebook help centre and ask ‘How do I customise the web address for my timeline or page?’

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