Digital professional development in Computer Learning Month

Feeling a little out of touch in the digital space? Stay up to date and advance your career in the process this Computer Learning Month.

It’s Computer Learning Month every October. Listen, this month isn’t just for golden oldies looking to connect in the digital age. It’s a great time for Brisbane web designers, digital specialists and marketing managers to continue their professional development by discovering, testing and applying new software and technologies to help progress their role or business.

What the deal with digital professional development?

Everyone can specialise. Actually, everyone should specialise. We’re not suggesting digital professionals should pigeonhole themselves into only being able to design print or only able to write blogs for the web. Print designers can greatly benefit from learning more about user experience design, while copywriters could see a new world open up for them by learning basic Photoshop techniques. If you want fries with the burger that is your career, take a bite and upgrade your life.

Why should you do it

Digital specialisation is kind of like a business card – it communicates what you do, what you’re passionate about, your skillset and how you can help the people around you. Developing your digital skills will also give you a competitive edge, help you earn more money and give way for promotions.

How to get started

If you’re a business owner looking to jump on the digital train or are a digital professional hoping to progress your career, this is how you can start.

Online courses to get you up to speed

Online learning is an effective way to study when you want, wherever you are. Online learning websites such as edX, Coursera and Future Learn offer up-to-date modules from some of the largest universities in the world including Stanford University, Harvard, MIT and Berkley – all for free. You can study anything form Introduction to Computer Science, to Digital Leadership, Cybersecurity, HTML5 Apps and Games and User Experience Design for Beginners.

Go diving for pearls with knowledge sharing sessions

Whether you’re in a management position or a junior designer, introducing knowledge sharing sessions in your business can be a fun way to connect with others, learn about a new topic (perhaps your staff are highly skilled in social media, data analysis or are a whizz at using certain software), and discover ways to improve the business or how people work. The main takeaway is to make it fun and interesting. Start by calling them “Pearl Diving Sessions”.

Attend conferences and training days

Conferences are a great way to network, discover what’s happening in the industry and identify gaps in your skill set. Even if you’re the CEO of a food supply company who has a creative agency taking care of your digital efforts, understanding the digital world can open up opportunities and help you get the most from your agency.

Follow those who are doing it right

Love it or hate it, social media is the best up-to-the-second source of news. By following digital industry figures and experts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, you’ll absorb the latest information, updates and opinions.

Sign up for newsletters and relevant websites

Newsletters, online journals, blogs and publications are a free and easy way to stay in the loop in the one place. You can even sign up for the iFactory monthly newsletter for all things digital, including app development, digital marketing and responsive web design Brisbane. Already feeling weighed down by a sleuth of email subscriptions, pin your favourites as soon as you get them or create a special inbox just for digital-related emails.

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