Ecommerce web design trends of the past year

We’ve put together a list of the best ecommerce web design trends of the past year that have helped increase ecommerce websites’ accessibility.

With the advent of ecommerce becoming a constant in consumers’ lives, including those who browse sites via their mobile devices, during 2017, it’s been more important than ever to have responsive website designs. We’ve put together a list of the best ecommerce web design trends of the past year that have helped increase ecommerce websites’ accessibility.

Material design


Material design is a bright-coloured, content-focused and minimalist web design style designed by Google in 2014 for Android devices. The use of material design features, such as motion, depth, shadow effects, card-like layouts, responsive animations, and transitions, has allowed web designers to create eye-catching interfaces that appear almost real to the user.

The popularity of material design for ecommerce websites looks set to continue as many ecommerce websites have successfully established their brand identity and increased sales using material design for their ecommerce platforms.

Long scrolls and lazy loading


Have you ever experienced the frustration of waiting forever for the next page to load while browsing an ecommerce site on your mobile device?

Your loading problems may soon be a thing of the past as long scrolls and lazy loading continues to dominate ecommerce website design, which means you will see more products than in the past in a single page view.

Images, animations and cinemagraphs

Adding hand-drawn images to your ecommerce website is a great way to convey your business’s individual and original brand identity and creates a strong and long-lasting impact on your customers.

Animations and GIFS are a great way to add movement and visual interest to your ecommerce website design, particularly when used in banners or background images.

Cinemagraphs may be the perfect choice for you if an animation is too distracting for your ecommerce website. Cinemagraphs are mostly still images that incorporate a small animation element and are emerging as a key ecommerce web design feature.

A well-designed, eye-catching and original ecommerce website is essential to maximise your sales. iFactory is Brisbane’s expert in ecommerce website design and can help you design the perfect ecommerce platform to fit your business. Give us a call on +61 7 3844 0577 to get started today.

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