Five ways to increase your banner click-through rates

It’s more simple than you think to increase the click-through rate of your digital banner advertising.

While digital marketing is a tried and tested way to drive sales and ROI, in cluttered online environments it’s becoming increasingly difficult to achieve the optimal click-through rate (CTR) required to fulfil campaign targets. Here are five easy points to help increase the chances of digital audience engagement and drive the CTR within your digital strategy.

1. Include a call-to-action “button”

It’s dangerous to assume that your audience will click on your banner ad without a commanding prompt. Creating a ‘click here style button’ within the banner will increase the likelihood of getting attention and action. For example, ‘download now’, ‘buy now’ or ‘book now’ are all powerful options.

2. Include an incentive offer

While brand messaging via digital advertising can be effective for certain brands, including a special  incentive or offer is an effective way of engaging with new audiences. Including a one-time offer or discounted rate will entice your audience to click on your digital banner.

3. Compelling imagery (make it relevant)

It seems simple, but often digital banner ads are mistakenly focused on text instead of imagery. Instead, use compelling, relevant imagery to grab the audience’s attention. For example, if you are advertising a restaurant, use vivid and enticing food imagery. The audience will need to click-through to your website for more information and therefore increase your webpage traffic.

4. Keep it concise with one key message

An obvious one, but a common mistake in online advertising is to crowd display ads with lots of different messages. Before starting the digital design process, organise your messages into a specific hierarchy. There should be a maximum of three messages, for example: 1. offer or brand message; 2. address, price or event date; 3. call-to-action.

5. Limit your banner frames

You have very limited time to deliver your message to the audience before they scroll down the page, click on another item or leave your page. The industry best practice recommends limiting your frames to three at a maximum of 15 seconds. It’s also best not to loop your creative and end on the call-to-action for optimal exposure to the click-through prompt.

The digital marketing experts at iFactory can help you fine tune your digital banner ads to make sure they are delivering the optimal CTR and ROI for your campaign. Call us today for more advice +61 7 3844 0577.

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