Getting started with Google’s Inbox App – Part One

Is this the future of email? The Inbox app, available on Android and Google Chrome, is the latest innovation by the Google team to help busy people like you organise your email. iFactory’s web design team takes a look at the new Inbox by Gmail that launched last week. Specifically, how Inbox can assist you to live and work more efficiently. It provides some great features, such as bundles, reminders, assists and snoozes that act like an integrated daily to-do list.

Bundles keep you organised automatically

Scrolling through heaps of emails is no fun and wastes valuable time that you could use elsewhere. With bundles, you can see everything at a glance – emails, order updates, reservation details, photos and more. This streamlines your content to make it super-efficient.

Highlights display important messages

Highlights and bundles work hand in hand to provide the information you need at a glance. The Inbox app highlights important messages to keep you up-to-date. It can also display useful information from the web that didn’t appear in the original email. Very handy!

Reminders, assists and snoozes help you prioritise

Inbox makes it easy to keep your priorities in focus by adding your own reminders. No matter what you have to do, you can keep track of the things you need to get back to in one central location.

It helps you cross off your to-dos by providing Assists. These are handy snippets of information that help you finish a task. If you make a reservation online, a map is added to the confirmation email. If you book an online flight, Inbox provides a check-in link. Too easy!

It also allows you to Snooze emails to come back to later. It’s similar to archiving, except that these messages pop back up after a predetermined time to remind you they’re there. Options include ‘Later today’, ‘Tomorrow’, ‘Next week’ or ‘Someday’, so the email will remain snoozed until you move it back manually.

Currently Inbox is limited to a small group of users, with the intention of expanding, but you can request an invite through the Inbox by Gmail website or by emailing

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