How long does it take for social media marketing to pay off? (Part 2)

It’s one of the big questions facing marketers and businesses today. How long until we start seeing returns on our social media investment?

The answer is there are no short cuts to quick returns in social media marketing. It takes long term planning and continued investment to start generating returns. And, to have even the slightest chance, you need to spend the right amount on the right team and the right strategy.

Social media is a must-have for business regardless

If Part 1 of this series proved anything, it’s that investing in a targeted social media strategy with a consistent output of original and compelling content can generate immense value in terms of:

  • brand awareness,
  • customer engagement,
  • increased traffic, and
  • improved search rankings.

Even if this wasn’t the case, social media has become so ingrained in how we interact that businesses can’t really do without it. This is especially true if we believe the results of one survey, that 91% of adults confess to using social media on a daily basis.

It’s certainly a must for established brands and those marketing consumer goods, which, incidentally, often experience a faster uptake and greater return on their social media efforts than lesser known brands and those marketing B2B.

How to improve your chances of success

If Part 1 of this series proved anything, it’s that a shotgun approach delivered by inexperienced staff won’t deliver ROI on your social media efforts.

Thankfully, there is another option. Partnering with an experienced digital and creative agency can free up your internal resources and ensure your efforts are targeted more effectively.

An experienced social media manager, like those at iFactory, will devise a strategy and package to match your budget and your target market. With long-term goals in mind, your iFactory team will take the time to learn your business and take the stress out of managing the demanding social media schedule.

Contact iFactory today to find out more and for a free consultation.

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