Digital marketing and creative services retainers

If you’re struggling to make any long term gains in your online profile with the usual PPC, social media management and SEO strategies, it may be time to look at a more long term solution. Here at iFactory we offer digital marketing and creative services retainers so that we can work long term on getting our clients’ digital profile as bright as it can be.

What is a creative retainer?

As a digital agency specialising in web design brisbane, iFactory supports clients across diverse markets, with a diversity of timelines, and peak periods. A creative retainer is a partnership between iFactory and your business that allows you to contract consistent hours with us over a long period of time.

Benefits of a digital marketing and creative services retainer

The retainer model enables us to better understand your business and marketing needs, and more effectively deliver customised marketing strategies affecting permanent change to your online profile.

The success of a digital marketing campaign is determined by the strength of purpose in that campaign not the technology or number of clicks. The more we understand your business, the stronger the campaign will be. Likewise, the better we can understand and align ourselves with your business goals, the better we can implement a digital strategy to reach those goals.

The long term working relationship of a creative services retainer allows us to:

  • set your goals and objectives to ensure that our vision and yours align perfectly
  • establish mutual expectations for hours and services over the term of our partnership
  • write a focused brief outlining what you want for your business and how we’re going to achieve it
  • set out a plan to reach your digital marketing goals, implement and optimise your digital marketing
  • discuss the parameters of your budget – the scope of your projects – then keep on top of costs
  • measure the results of your new campaign as it’s rolling out and share in the success of reaching and exceeding shared goals and KPIs.

Our services

We deliver user-focused, professional, market-driven online solutions for clients operating across a wide range of industry sectors, including financial services, property development, construction & mining, fashion, retail, technology and not for profit. Our staff at iFactory are a talented, focused team who live and breathe the web.

Our services include:

If you can’t seem to get the word out about your great product or service then it may be time for a professional intervention. Contact iFactory to find out what this award-winning full-service digital agency can do for your business.

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