How to create content for your blog

Everyone knows that great content is crucial to a successful blog. Knowing that is the easy part. The difficult bit is making it happen. Here are some tips that will get your from go to woah in no time!

1. Turn FAQs into blog articles

One of the main ways in which clients will come across your blog is via a search engine. Find out which questions are leading them to you and answer them in well-written articles. Copywriting should be perceptive, compelling and witty (where possible). Give people a reason to stick to your page!

2. Create a list

‘Best Fives’ and ‘Top Tens’ are among the most popular articles on the Internet and therefore highly conducive to website advancement. That’s because they provide readers with high-quality information pronto. It’s easy for them to scroll through and find just what they need. Try to include at least a few quirky or intelligent points that are unlikely to be found elsewhere.

3. Interview an important person

This makes for, not only interesting content, but authoritative material, too. It’s gold in terms of digital marketing, making your company look like an industry leader with great connections. What’s more, you’ll also attract a new audience, in the form of fans of the interviewee.

4. Collate a hand-picked selection of favourite posts

Choose a particular topic and search the web for the world’s best posts – be they informative, funny or just beautifully written. Explain what you like about each one. This might sound as though you’re encouraging people to check out competition, but actually, it’s a way of increasing traffic (and good will!) through the sharing of excellent information.

5. Don’t have time to write? Don’t be afraid to outsource!

You might be great at running a business, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re Shakespeare when it comes to the written word. If you’re not a confident writer, or simply don’t have the time to churn out blog content because you’re too busy doing a million other things, seek help. Find a digital agency in Brisbane with a proven track record in website development and online marketing and outsource your copywriting!

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