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How to improve your web design skills

Your website should be eye-catching so that it improves the user experience. Here are some ideas, tips and a short-cut for creating a great website design.

A website cannot entirely depend on a persuasive design or appealing content to get your business message out there. Your website should be eye-catching so that it improves the user experience. It should also be functional and easy to understand at first glance. Here are some ideas, tips and a short-cut for creating a great website design.

1. Design in shades of grey, then add colour

If your Brisbane web designer makes wireframes before image designs, then you know the value of starting with shades of grey. You need to first change your wireframe into a grayscale image design, then add photography and finally add colour to design essentials; one after the other. This will help you not to overdesign your website and aid to place prominence on items that require it.

2. Use keynote to make rapid page prototypes

You do not need Photoshop to make rapid prototypes of web pages, call to actions, landing pages or other web interface elements. There are people that use keynote to create mock-ups.

3. Add web fonts to your corporate style guide

If your corporate style guide does not include web fonts, then you need to add them so that your website has same governance that corporate collateral and documents do. You can look them up on Google fonts.

4. Is social media pivotal to your brand?

If social media is not a key part of your digital marketing strategy, you may want to consider where you put your social links on your site. You did not work hard to get people to your website and then invite them to leave. That is the thing you do when you place social media icons near the header. You need to bury them in the footer.

5. Ditch the sidebars

Once you remove the sidebars from your blog, it encourages the attention of the reader to the article and the call to action at the end.

6. Get colour inspiration from nature

If you are wondering what colour to use for your website’s call to action graphic, worry no more. Turn to nature. You can photograph the nature around you or find landscape photos on the internet.

7. Use white space

You may find it hard to believe that optimising white space is a hack. Just do your research, you will notice that many websites use whitespace. Note that not every blank area needs filling.

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