Knowledge Management Systems: What You Need to Know

Knowledge Management is the function of collecting, organising and sharing the knowledge resident in an organisation and its people, to boost productivity, create a competitive advantage and achieve business objectives.

Knowledge Management Systems are designed to integrate this process with the day-to-day operations of an organisation so that over time, information is leveraged and the organisation and its people are continuously improving and becoming ‘smarter’.

There are many Knowledge Management Systems available for business applications. Here, we take a look at the features of two of the more popular ones; Bloomfire and IntelligenceBank.

Knowledge Management System basics

Both Bloomfire and Intelligence Bank offer the basics you’d expect from a Knowledge Management System including:

  • Customised content feed for each user
  • Secure online document management
  • Easy collaboration and file sharing
  • Advanced search function
  • API integration
  • Apps for iOS and Android mobile / tablet devices
  • Usage reporting and alerts

Choosing the right Knowledge Management System for your business depends on the type, size, style and requirements of your team.

Bloomfire features

Bloomfire is organised as a news feed, which seems to make sense since most people are reasonably familiar with social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn where content arrives in that way. “Your Feed” brings you the content that is most relevant to you which may include video, presentations, document additions or changes in a format that’s very similar to a typical social media feed from other team members.

See below for a summary of the key functions that make Bloomfire a great option for your team members to communicate sales teams:

  • Easy for users to organise and find the content they need
  • Users can also post questions to the team, encouraging the ongoing growth of the knowledge inside the system
  • Utilises cloud, mobile and social technologies – it can replace all other training, intranet, wiki, portal and forum software at a relatively low cost.
  • Typically suits medium – larger businesses with pricing starting from $600 per month for 50 users.

Organisations using Bloomfire include Etsy, Wholefood Markets, Domino’s Pizza and Remax.

IntelligenceBank features

IntelligenceBank is packed with features to streamline collaboration and workflow processes. With an interface that can be custom-branded for exceptional presentation, IntelligenceBank can act as your company intranet, an external client portal and even a secure management or board level portal.

Gather information on your competition, industry or brand and use forums inside IntelligenceBank to offer alternative communication methods that can be valuable for project teams or departments. The ability to create customisable databases to manage projects, products or key accounts creates loads of possibilities for your team.

Organisations such as Deloitte, NAB, Suncorp Bank, Nokia and Seek rely on IntelligenceBank to capture, collaborate on and share information.

With an experienced team of designers, developers, copywriters, strategists and project managers, we draw on our diverse skillset to provide solutions that work for your business. Talk to us about your requirements and we’ll tailor a strategy that meets your desired objectives.

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