New Web Site Checklist

In today’s business market it is necessary to have a website. But unless your digital marketing and web presence is of a high standard it’s not likely to be much of an asset. Below we have compiled a few things to consider when undertaking the task of a new website design and build:

Who are you targeting?

While you may think the answer to this is “everyone” it is better to be specific when identifying your customer base. This allows you to identify the needs and desires of your audience, which in turn allows you to improve the customer experience. For example do you want customers to be encouraged to explore the site further, or to buy your products and services straight away? It is vital to understand your audience.

Who will build your page?

Having established your requirements it is important to shop around for the ideal digital agency, who can deliver a mutually agreeable page for a price that will suit. Determining what you want before taking this step will help make the process run more smoothly. There is no point in contacting top of the line web designers in Brisbane if your needs and budget don’t justify this.

Establish parameters

Make sure whichever web developers in Brisbane you use are aware of your limits and expectations. That way you will reduce wasted time and budget. Work out what extras you want, any creative agency worth their salt will want the design to be eye catching and for that you need colours, powerful copywriting and relevant social media which are fitting with the identity of your company.

Consider security measures

Your audience need to feel that when they are shopping on your website, they are not giving away too much personal information and certainly not giving away addresses or credit card details. Ensure that the firm you choose to build your website includes basic security features, such as log in requirements and a separate, secure, link for any payment information.

Have some sort of back up feature

Nothing dampens the enthusiasm for your website as rapidly as “error 404”. While some down time is probable, try to ensure that there is a way your customers can use alternative links should the site have technical issues and ensure you have a suitable support plan with your web development agency.

Try before you buy

Before allowing your website to go live, test drive it for flaws or system errors. It’s easier to fix a problem in a test situation than in real life and anything that you can do to ensure the integrity of your site will pay off long term.

iFactory in Brisbane want to listen to you, and work with you to make sure your digital needs are met. You need to be able to trust that we will provide the best available service, and our trained digital specialists and a number of satisfied customers are testament to that. We want you to leave our service knowing that your website will be innovative, intuitive and will meet your needs. If you are looking for quality web designers in Brisbane, iFactory are only a click away.

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