Should your brand be on Tsu?

Just think about the volume of content you share on Facebook and the time you spend liking and commenting on posts. Why are you giving all that content and time away for free, when you could be getting paid to be social on Tsu?

In our new blog series, we take an in depth look at so-called “fringe” social platforms, with Tsu the focus for this article. We explain what Tsu is, who’s using it, and give you an idea whether it’s worth your while building a presence for your brand.

What is Tsu?

Tsu is a revenue-orientated social networking site. The concept behind the platform is that users own the rights to their content and the economics that go with it. Users write posts and share photos, videos and links, just like other social media platforms, but the difference is that when you post content, and people share/like/comment on it, this engagement earns you money.

How does it work?

Let’s say you (user A) invite a friend (user B), who invites a friend (user C), who invites a friend (user D) and so on, creating a type of network family tree. When content is created and shared within that network, 90% of the revenue earned is distributed amongst the network, while 10% is retained by Tsu.

Here’s a breakdown if $100 was generated when user D shares content:

  • User D who created content would receive 50% ‒ $45
  • User C would receive 33.3% ‒ $29.70
  • User B would receive 11.1% ‒ $9.99
  • User A would receive 3.70% ‒ $3.33

Is Tsu worth my time?

Tsu was launched in October 2014 but already the platform has passed the two million user mark. Despite this incredible take-up, Tsu has faced harsh criticism and been labelled a social media scam. The concept plays into the human desire to get rich quick, but getting rich on Tsu is about as likely as your car morphing into a rocket ship, let’s face it.

Cash aside, it’s still only a new site and T&Cs seem a little too vague for us to be recommending that you split your precious time and start building a presence for your brand. Remember at the end of the day, you need time to learn the platform, create regular content, and experiment with what works.

What other fringe social channels should I be using?

One way to find out which social sites your market is using, is by asking them. In the meantime, if you’d like to learn about other so-called “fringe” social sites that we’ve been investigating as part of our latest blog series, you can Like us on Facebook or follow iFactory on Twitter to find out more.

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