Step back from that website

Being too close to your business website can damage its effectiveness

We know that this sounds like an adaptation of a phrase used by officers to a suspect in many a crime drama. In a way it is; being too close to your business website can damage its effectiveness. This could be said to be a ‘crime’ against your business. Here are four key pieces of compelling evidence that show you may need some outside assistance.

1. Too much private language

Every business has its own jargon – words, phrases and sayings that, as insiders, you use automatically. Your team benefit from a full understanding of their meaning. Yet, using these on your website can confuse or even worry potential customers who are not experts in the products or services being promoted.

2. Too inward a focus

We are all rightly proud of our own business – whatever it may be – and its accomplishments. The danger is that we speak about those things we most want to say and wish the world to know. However, online, we need to talk to others rather than about ourselves. The content should be clearly focused on what a potential customer needs or wants to know.

3. Too much taken for granted

If you are driving in an area that’s unknown to you, you might stop and ask a local for directions. How often are these incomplete or confusing? This is because, subconsciously, you may have missed out steps that are simply so obvious to the storyteller. The same can be true when you undertake website design. You can inadvertently assume knowledge that searchers simply might not possess.

4. Too complex a journey

Being so involved and too close to both your business and its web presence can lead to an excess of detail being included. The journey you wish searchers to make from arrival to action can be more complicated or less clear than it needs to be. The result is the loss of frustrated potential customers without ever really appreciating their presence or potential.

Solution? An iFactory partnership

The above inadvertent problems show how it can be of value to work with ‘outside eyes’ on your website – or social media and other digital marketing activities. Our talented team, based in Brisbane, can combine your knowledge and passion with our expertise and enthusiasm to craft a digital marketing presence that squeezes the maximum from our combined talents. To find out more, contact us now.

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