The ultimate guide to reducing your website bounce rate

If visitors are leaving as soon as they visit your web page, then your site is probably not engaging them enough.

If visitors are leaving as soon as they visit your web page, then your site is probably not engaging them enough. This high bounce rate means that your website needs a real-time makeover. Notably, a low bounce rate translates to more leads, higher SEO rankings and more ecommerce sales. Everyone needs a profitable user journey, and there are effective ways to reduce the bounce rate for your website and increase conversions.

Invest in a speed-oriented web host

Visitors tend to leave your page the moment it refuses to load fully on time, approximately four seconds or less. Remember, there are many other websites with similar content to yours and you lose traffic to them if their sites are faster. Thus, if you don’t want to lose the ecommerce battle to your competitors, make sure that you invest in a good, reliable and fast web host.

Avoid too many advertisements and irrelevant pop-ups

Too many ads on your website can distract your audience. Most people hate pop-ups especially if they don’t relate to the content you’ve posted. If you must allow them, make sure that the pop-ups are relevant and don’t focus heavily on intrusive adverts.

Improve content readability

Use sub-headings and an engaging writing format to grab your readers’ attention. Use bullet points when outlining a list and have a conclusion at the end, with a call-to-action where suitable. Make the readers the centre of your writing and write genuine content to boost your credibility.

Update your website regularly

Regular updates should come with enticing content that will attract your target audience. Fresh content will build trust in your readers who will revisit your site often to look at other parts of the website. In addition, engage them by placing links to other educative pages within your new content.

What you do to cut down on your high bounce rate counts. iFactory is a leading digital agency that takes pride in its expertise in web design, web development and digital marketing in Brisbane. We can help you to re-design your website appearance and advise you on how to get the right content to engage your audience. Call us today if you want to cut down on your website’s bounce rate.

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