This year’s latest social media numbers revealed

We have more reasons why you can’t afford to avoid social media any longer when it comes to your business.

We have more reasons why you can’t afford to avoid social media any longer when it comes to your business.


The latest social media usage numbers – while steady – reveal that Facebook now has a saturation of 62.5% when it comes to the entire Australian population. The current number of unique active monthly Facebook users in Australia is up from 13 million at the beginning of 2014 to 15 million last month, and, according to the latest Sensis report, from June, the average user spends 12.5 hours a week on Facebook, which is an increase of around 33%! All this means that Mark Zuckerberg’s platform is the most common among Australian businesses.

Other sites

YouTube continues to be the second most popular social media site, with north of 14 million unique active monthly users. The other most popular platforms are Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and LinkedIn. The report also reveals 57% check their social media daily, some as often as five times a day – mostly from home.

How social media can help your business

Australia is generally considered one of the most social media saturated markets, with users quick to adopt new technology and services. Research has revealed that a majority of consumers are more likely to trust a brand if they are engaged positively on social media by it.

61% of large businesses are using paid strategies on social media, with small and medium business lagging behind at around 20% to 30%. Majorities in all three business categories report that an investment in social media drives growth.

While social media is still in its relative infancy, these numbers clearly show that any business looking to grow and target their markets must be in the social media space.

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