Tips for creating shareable company updates on LinkedIn

Publishing a post on LinkedIn is easy. Creating posts that expand your influence takes time and strategic thinking. Here’s how to do it.

Over 500 million professionals use LinkedIn worldwide. It can be a powerful tool for both individuals and companies to connect their skills and professional interests, generate leads and build their brand. If you’re looking to incorporate LinkedIn into your social marketing strategy, here are some tips for making the most of your company updates.

Make your content easy to digest

Find the perfect balance between content that is high quality and easy to consume. Always develop your content to add value to your audience, increasing the likelihood of engagement.

Create a call-to-action that converts

Including a call-to-action (CTA) will double your posts engagement. That said; there’s a right and wrong way to write a CTA. The call-to-action needs to be direct, authoritative, energetic and compelling enough to elicit an immediate reaction. You can do this by bringing awareness to the benefit of clicking through and building urgency. But most importantly, you should keep your call-to-action simple by asking for the action you want.

Always include an image or some kind of rich media

Images generally result in a 98% higher comment rate. Make sure your image is authentic and relevant to your audience.

Perform an idiot check

Much like you would do a “once over” on a hotel room you stayed in, double check your post to see that there are no spelling errors, links are correct and traceable (if you’re using UTM codes) and the relevant image is working – particularly if you are linking to external content.

Do video the right way

Did you know links to YouTube videos that play directly in the LinkedIn feed result in a 75% higher share rate? So, instead of linking externally to your YouTube clip, try testing the effectiveness of video instant play.

Avoid hyper-targeting

Adding too many filters to your targeting can exclude potential audiences. You can counter this by loosening up your filters and testing between groups.

Get the most out of your testing

Don’t be scared to experiment with your posts to find the right balance for your audience. As a general rule, keep your posts aligned to the LinkedIn demographic (business professionals), but consider mixing entertaining and inspirational posts, with informative and insightful updates.

Account for unpredicted events

Many content marketers swear by an editorial calendar to help with planning and tracking pieces of content. Try to be flexible in your schedule when unpredicted and timely events arise so that you can respond to relevant news, topics and trends.

Engage with your audience

Don’t let your audience talk to a brick wall. If your members comment on a post, keep the conversation going but don’t leave it too long. As social media is instantaneous, audiences expect a faster response time. Set the benchmark as part of your strategy for appropriate response times, what to do when inappropriate comments arise, and develop a plan for handling customer-service issues or crises.

Monitor, analyse, and refine your content regularly

Track all available analytics. Pay attention to audience, types of content, time of day and frequency that drive the most interactions

Sponsor your best content

Identify your top performing content and sponsor it. Continue to track and optimise it throughout the campaign. Sometime a single word change can make all the difference.

Don’t tie your posts to the work week

Professionals engage with Sponsored Updates across all devices throughout the week, with strong engagement through the weekend. Depending on your business, consider adopting an always-on approach, with posting scheduled for the weekend.

Creating quality content on LinkedIn will strengthen your business and add dimension to your integrated marketing strategy. If you’re ready to engage your company on social media, but don’t know where to start, our team of digital strategy specialists at iFactory can help you tap into the right platforms for your audience and develop a social strategy that drives action. Get in contact with us today or head over to LinkedIn and follow us there.

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