Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends For 2013

Digital marketing is the new feather in the traditional marketer’s cap. It is an ever-growing part of our technological lives and continues to develop at light-speed (right, Spok?). In light of so much movement and change in the digital marketing arena it is important that both the marketing specialist and the client step back from all the hub-bub and take note of the influential digital marketing trends for 2013.

Digital marketing will double

Traditional forms of marketing are still tried and tested forms of advertising, but there are a lot of late-comers and ‘laggers’ moving over to a new digital way of thinking. For many people who have been involved in productive businesses over time they will be settled on print and radio avenues of advertising, but will also be interested in new digital ways of creating leads and generating increased sales. This is where bundling comes to the fore and digital marketing will be added to the mix so agencies can offer a full span of sophisticated services.

Marketers will become data nerds

The availability of data with regards to marketing channels will be rendered useless if marketers aren’t able to implement that knowledge wisely. Marketers will need to judge the effectiveness of each advertising channel to assess its contribution to the overall strategy. Revenue will need to be attributed to the correct source based on meaningful insight of the digital data.

Agencies dive deeper into technology

As programmers would have us believe ‘code is poetry’ and truth be told it certainly reigns supreme on the internet. As digital strategy and awareness grows so will a marketer’s understanding of the ‘back-end’ of websites and app development so their knowledge of marketing can be integrated with digital developments. Their ability to build an interface to create user-friendly and actionable data will be essential.

More responsive websites

Online users are offered a plethora of programs, applications and platforms every day and the UI needs to be at the forefront for each new development. This is the case with websites too as they are business’ online presence and a way to connect with a much wider (and hungry) audience.

Rise of content creation services and software

There will be a focus on software and service solutions for the syndication of content which will try to meet the demand for new and innovative solutions and services.

Stronger connection between offline and online events

Despite the exponential growth of digital advertising, marketing and design the ‘real-world’ still awaits and houses physical customers looking for your product and services. There must be a focus on integrating the offline events with the online community around your business. The focus is on integrated brand experiences.

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