Top tips for success in digital agency interview – Part one

Digital jobs are highly coveted and while a killer resume helps, you won’t get far in the digital world if you can’t impress in person. Thankfully, at iFactory we’ve got you covered. With our top tips for performing at interview parts one and two, you’ll find all you need to know about how to prepare for an interview at a digital agency. Here are our top tips for before the interview.

1. Know the role

Three words: research, research, research. Digital jobs require someone who is up-to-date on current trends and methodology. Make sure you’re well informed about not just the job description, responsibilities and challenges, but also the function, history and the goals of the company. 

A good place to start for this information is the company’s website, but it also helps to check the news, their social media channels and consult relevant publications so you’re completely up-to-date on the most recent activities of the company. In the same vein, be sure to ascertain who it is that will actually be conducting your interview. Knowing the role and position of the interviewer will help guide you in terms of the interpersonal approach you adopt in the interview.

Remember, social media profiles can say a lot about a person so it doesn’t hurt to do a quick search on a name to try and learn something about your prospective interviewer. Don’t turn up for an interview without being clear on the role of social media to that company’s goals – you may need to scrub up on your lingo here. Make sure you also have your own Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts established; you can’t enter the digital world if you don’t walk the talk. Developers should have their on GitHub or Drupal user account.

2. Know the process

Sounds like a no-brainer but what exactly does this mean? Apart from knowing the ins and outs of the role, the company and the people, you’re going to need to be clear on the format the interview process is going to take if you want to be successful. There will be bundles of nerves on the day and the worst thing you can do for yourself is go in blind and be taken by surprise. Digital agencies are known for their creative, innovative approach to all areas of business and interviews are no exception. Mental preparation is everything so touch base with HR beforehand and ask all the right questions. How many interviewers on the panel? Should I dress business or smart casual? Will it be a soft chat or a technical screening? Suffice to say that when it comes to interviews with a digital agency, you get out what you put in.

3. Know your strategy

More preparation is better than less. Identify and practice speaking about a range of case studies which cast you in a great light. Study your resume and identify your weaknesses first – ask yourself how you will address these, if asked, during the interview and remember whenever possible to put a positive spin on things. Work out how you can best phrase your attributes verbally. Practising the interview process with someone who has an idea of the context you’ll be interviewing in is a great idea if you can swing it – this way you can get realistic feedback on how effective your range of communication strategies are. Perhaps though, above all, be clear on what you want to get across in the interview. Pick one or two aspects of your strengths or experience to drive home, so that when the interview is done and dusted you know, in the very least, you have clearly communicated what it is you’re all about. It is also wise to think of some questions to ask in the interview if you are given the opportunity.

Check out part of our top tips for success in a digital agency to find out how best you can perform at the interview, coming soon!

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