What is a landing page?

In this first part of a four part blog series covering the topic of landing pages, we expand upon what a landing page actually is. As a fundamental online marketing tool, a landing page is quite literally the page you “land” on after clicking on a link that you have unveiled, usually in a search engine enquiry or Google AdWords.

However, links may also be hidden online advertisements, scattered throughout social media sites, provided in pop ups, emails, newsletters – the list goes on! Opportunities to use links as lead generation for an online association are endless.

A landing page may also be known as a Lead Capture Page or a Lander. Theoretically these Landers expand upon the small detail the advert or search results provided in their link.

Getting landing pages built and tested is one of the top five challenges

Landing pages serve their purpose by their attention grabbing or convincing nature, their content obviously falling short of this objective if they are unable to engross the audience and persuade them to remain on said website. Online companies aspire to motivate site visitors into becoming leads or sales, a primary goal that will surely not be reached if their landing page conversion fails in fulfilling its main function.

There are categorically two types of landing pages, reference and transactional, both of which should still be able to engage an audience:

  • A reference landing page’s primary focus is to disclose relevant information by displaying a combination of text, images and relevant links.
  • A transactional landing page, however, strives to encourage a web pages visitor to take action and execute a transaction, ultimately transforming a visitor into a customer.

This is part one of our four part blog series, part two next Friday will be covering why you should use a landing page for your website now that you are aware of its importance in digital marketing.

44% of clicks for B2B companies are directed to a home page

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