What mattered to Australians in 2013? Facebook reveals all

With more than one billion active Facebook users around the world and twelve million Australians checking in weekly, Facebook usage data can provide some pretty interesting insights into the things we liked, talked about and shared throughout the year.

Here’s some of what mattered to Australians on Facebook in 2013.

The MCG is among the most checked-in place in the world

The only Australian location to make it into the top 25 global places people check in, the MCG sits at number 18. As Australia’s number one place to check in, the MCG is one of four sporting venues on the top 10 most social landmarks. The Crown and Star casinos also make the top 10 as do iconic locations like the Opera House, Bondi Beach, Darling Harbour and Queensland’s only landmark to make the list, Dreamworld.

2013 Most Social Landmarks

  1. Melbourne Cricket Ground
  2. Crown Melbourne
  3. Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne
  4. Etihad Stadium, Melbourne
  5. Darling Harbour, Sydney
  6. Sydney Opera House, Sydney
  7. Dreamworld Australia, Gold Coast
  8. The Star, Sydney
  9. Bondi Beach, Sydney
  10. ANZ Stadium, Sydney

Melbourne is now more social than Sydney

The data is in; more people check in on Facebook in Melbourne than in Sydney, with four of the top five Australian check-in locations in Melbourne and Sydney’s Darling Harbour scraping in at fifth place.

K.Rudd gets more buzz than Tony Abbott

Australians talked about Kevin Rudd more than any other political figure in 2013. Politics in general rated more on Facebook this year largely due to the budget, labour leadership challenges and federal election which sparked 12 million mentions alone. During election time, the hottest topics were gay marriage, asylum seekers, the NBN and climate change in that order.

2013 most buzzed about Public Figures

  1. Princess Kate
  2. Kevin Rudd
  3. Tony Abbott
  4. Julia Gillard
  5. Miranda Kerr

Royals even more important than politics

Despite a year of dramatic leadership battles that made politics more interesting this year than in 2012, Australian’s were just as interested in Kate Middleton and the new baby prince. Princess Kate was the second most talked about topic, behind “Vote” but the most talked about public figure ahead of all our politicians.

2013 most talked about topics

  1. Vote
  2. Princess Kate
  3. Cricket
  4. Kevin Rudd
  5. Grand Final
  6. Election
  7. GST
  8. Lions
  9. Tony Abbott
  10. Big Brother

Cricket tops the sports list in Australia

In general, the 2013 Facebook review indicates we’re still in love with our sport down here and with the number one check-in place being the MCG, it’s no surprise that Cricket topped the sports list over all the football codes and clubs. The most buzzed about clubs were the Lions, Roosters, Essendon, Wallabies and Socceroos.

2013 Most buzzed about sports

  1. Cricket
  2. Grand final
  3. Lions
  4. Roosters
  5. Rugby
  6. Essendon
  7. NRL
  8. V8
  9. Wallabies
  10. Socceroos

Still obsessed with reality TV

Interestingly, reality shows Big Brother and The Voice were the most buzzed-about entertainment topics. One Direction and Beyonce were the only musicians to make the top 5, while Breaking Bad was the only TV show.

Major life events of 2013

The top life events for 2013 globally were:

  1. Added a relationship, got engaged or got married
  2. Travelled
  3. Moved
  4. Ended a relationship
  5. First met a friend
  6. Added a family member, expecting or had a baby
  7. Got a pet
  8. Lost a loved one
  9. Got a piercing
  10. Quit a habit

Do you remember the major events in your life this year? Take a look at your own personal year in review.

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