Why do I need a website?

With all these social media channels, does anyone really still need a website?

The short answer to this question is: because that’s how your customers want to find you, know about your product or service and contact you.

If a customer, existing, potential or otherwise – wants to know anything about your business – the first place they’re going to look is online. If you’re not there, they’ll immediately start looking at your competitors who are.

Internet search engines are part of our everyday lives

As the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reported earlier this year, in 2014/15 97% of households that had children under 15 years of age had internet access and were using an average of seven different devices to access the internet. That’s a huge percentage of the population using the internet as part of their daily activities. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 85% of all Australians use the internet and the four most popular online activities were:

  • Banking (72%)
  • Social networking (72%)
  • Shopping (61%)
  • Entertainment (60%)

But I’m on social media, do I still need a website?

With the ABS reporting that 72% of the 85% of us using the internet for social networking, it’s fair to say that if you have a great social media profile, your customers will be able to find you. However, there’s still one very compelling reason to have your very own website:

The information you have on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Instagram or any other social media channel is NOT owned by you. Using the world’s biggest social media channel as an example, everything you put on Facebook is owned by Facebook. You actually have less control thank you think over how, when and by whom your Facebook page or newsfeed is viewed. And Facebook is free to do anything they like with that information, as long as it complies with their terms and conditions. Have you checked those?

We’re not saying that social media channels aren’t fantastic at what they do. We love social media and as part of your digital media strategy, social media channels are incredibly powerful, but social media works best when it’s promoting your own website that’s 100% under your control.

Think like a customer

Today, websites are cheaper, better and faster than ever – as long as you set one up properly. Key to getting a good website online quickly is keeping things very simple and thinking from the perspective of your customers. Our top three tips:

Need any help?

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