Your Google rankings are yesterdays news

Gone are the days when we had ample information about the keywords users input into search engines.

For many digital marketing agencies, keyword rankings previously formed a vital part of SEO strategies and campaigns and were used as a key measure of success. However, gone are the days when we had ample information about the keywords users input into search engines. While these were once readily available via Google Analytics, encrypted searches and new tools which show keywords in broad ranges and estimates mean the information provided is much less accurate and useful.

Why is this?

Changing analytics

Under the old Google Analytics model, we might have seen that a certain keyword was searched 4,020 times in a month, but now only see that it was searched between 1,000 and 10,000 times in a month. This makes it much more difficult to determine just which keywords are going to be most effective.

To further complicate things, personalisation also largely affects what users will see in their keyword search returns. Google will return results that are based on users’ search history, which makes it difficult to determine the #1 ranking site for a particular search. Device and location also come into play. Factors such as your present location, time of day and things like opening hours and function will influence results based on the searcher’s current situation.

Lastly, keyword rankings aren’t always a good indicator of the amount of organic traffic your digital marketing campaign receives, or how this might translate to revenue. If you spend a great deal of energy worrying about keywords, you might be missing out on other vital information, such as how much traffic your page is sending to your social media, or backlinking to other parts of your page. In today’s click-heavy, short attention span digital world, metrics are no longer as concerned with quantity as with quality.

The iFactory difference

At iFactory, we have revolutionised the way that we conduct digital marketing campaigns for our clients. Keywords form just one part of the big picture. We look not only at the success of content at the page-to-page level but also as clusters of content. With a focus on organic search returns and conversions, we aim to look at the collective performance of pages across a given outcome.

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