The path to great website design is to engage a company that will listen and collaborate with you.

How great website design wins over your customers


With all the online web building tools on offer today, pretty much anybody can build a website. Whether it is responsive, search engine friendly, markets well to your target audience is another point. Which would be fine (and possibly inexpensive except for your staff labour) if that's all your business needed. But your customers are looking for something more especially if you are in a competitive space. What they’re looking for is something that can only be delivered through a professional digital agency, web designers and web developers.

You know your customers are short on time. They need to be able to get information quickly and easily. Smart website design supplies that information with the minimum of time and effort for the customer. But being functional isn’t all there is to gaining and keeping customers.

Great website design will impress your customers

Have you ever walked into the lobby of a five star hotel and paused to look around – and then thought how great it would be to stay there? Attractive surroundings appeal to all of us, no matter where we are. Your customers will feel that same attraction to your website. They'll want to come back.

Studies show that customers are highly drawn to professional and well-designed websites. Excellent design communicates trust to a customer, that the company is robust and substantial. It might appear a superficial way of looking at a company you want to deal with, but if you can develop and maintain a well-designed website, you’re actually giving them a good example of what your products and services are like. 

Smart layouts engage

Your customer wants to be able to find information instinctively - without backtracking and clicking on multiple menus. If your website developer has worked closely with you to understand the needs of your business, your customers should also discover other products, services or information on your site they might otherwise have missed. It's these types of features and website design that get your customers returning - and recommending your site to others.

The path to great website design is to engage a company that will listen and collaborate with you. Contact iFactory today to find out how you can get a site that your customers will love.

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