What does your web browser say about you?

What does your web browser say about you?

There are many web browsers available online, and which one you use will largely depend on your personality and computing needs. So what exactly does your choice of web browser say about you? As website design and development experts, we thought we'd take a look into it in this fun tongue in cheek article. Read on!

Mozilla Firefox

You know what you want and you take the necessary steps to get it. Firefox doesn't come pre-installed on computers, so you had to make the conscious decision to look into browser options and chose to install Firefox because it seemed the best to you.

Google Chrome

As a user of the world's number one web browser, you probably believe there is power (and safety) in numbers. But Chrome is popular for a reason, so it might just be that you've done your research, tried a few different browsers and decided on Chrome as the best - making you a resourceful, dedicated person who only wants the best. 

Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge

You're most likely over the age of 40 and you're not a tech whiz. Your Windows PC or laptop came with Internet Explorer (or the more recent Microsoft Edge) and you haven't bothered to change it. It lets you browse the net and you're used to it, so why should you go to the hassle of choosing a new browser, installing it and learning to use it?


If you use Safari, you're the kind of person who likes to go with the flow. You own a Mac, showing your creative side, and Safari came pre-loaded with it; you're happy with it so you haven't thought to go and download a different browser. In the past, the web design and development of some sites wasn't done with Mac users in mind, causing some sites not to work properly for Safari users. However, this common oversight seems to have been largely remedied, with web developers now understanding the importance of sites appearing correctly on all devices and browsers.


You don't go with the crowd and you like simplicity. This browser may not be as well-known as the others, but it's compact, streamlined design makes it snappy and relatively easy to use. 

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