Why should I use landing pages

Why should I use landing pages

At iFactory we've taken it upon ourselves to explain ‘landing pages’ to you throughout a four part blog series. In this second part it will be made clear to you why you need landing pages for your website. If you have not yet read part one “what are landing pages?” it is recommended that you do to further your understanding of their usefulness. 

A landing page is the page which first appears after clicking on an online link, typically through some form of search engine. You probably haven’t put much thought into it before; it is just a page after all. However every landing page has been specifically selected or designed to be ‘just a page’ that first appears when any person visits a new website.

48% of marketers build a new landing page for each marketing campaign

Out of the two types of landing pages, referral (a page merely providing text images and further links) and transactional, transactional landing pages are more successful in their nature and are very compelling forms of digital marketing. If you were to put a transactional landing page into effect on your business website you would be constructing a very powerful page that will benefit well in lead generation. 

Transactional landing pages require visitors to fill out forms providing personal information. These pages are not intent on being intrusive, but asking for an email address is enough for you to follow up these leads by providing past visitors with newsletters or tempting them with special offers you are currently running. Eventually that one off visitor is transformed into a customer, potentially a recurring customer; all because of your effective use of landing page optimisation. It is essential that as a business person you are putting into action detailed lead pursuits that are convincing in their content. Follow up each visitor and you will undoubtedly profit well from your landing page. This is called landing page conversion, and is precisely why you need a landing page, to convert your visitors into customers.

68% of B2B businesses use landing pages to garner a new sales lead for future conversion

This was part two of a four part series covering the topic of landing pages; part three will cover when you should be using a landing page. If you have any more questions regarding your use of landing pages, get in touch with the skilful and passionate team members at iFactory, a digital marketing company, by phone on +61 7 3844 0577 or by email at info@ifactory.com.au

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