3 reasons people visit your company website

Do you know why people are visiting your site? Here are three reasons why people visit your company website.

Everybody knows they need a company website. Websites are one of the biggest parts of any marketing mix and are essential for businesses to get noticed in this digital age. But do you know why people are visiting your site? Ensuring that you’re aware of the many reasons people click on your website means that you can tailor your web design and content to suit their needs. Here are three reasons why people visit your company website.

1. To find contact details

A lot of the time, people visit websites to find a company’s contact details. This means it is essential that your details are displayed clearly and are easy to access. These can include telephone numbers, email addresses and a site address. If you do not wish to supply email addresses then you should include an online contact form.

Having a limited number of ways to make contact could mean that you miss out on customer interaction and put people off. This will cause them to look elsewhere. Make sure your business is contactable in a variety of ways and ensure your website design makes this easy to do.

2. To make a purchase

If you sell products or services then people are likely to visit your site to make a purchase. You’ll need to ensure you have a clear, usable ecommerce website that is responsive and works on both laptops, desktops and mobile devices. If people want to make a purchase you need to make the process as straightforward as possible to avoid missing out on sales.

3. To get information

Your website should provide any information that a customer or potential customer may wish to find out. Therefore, your web design should incorporate clear layouts, fast-loading images and videos and individual pages for different areas/information. Your website design will be essential to the success of your site, so make sure it is professional and of a high standard.

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