4 New Facebook Features You Need to Know

As a digital marketing manager, you know that Facebook can be where more of your customers or clients may be than any other of the social media networks. As a constantly growing platform, Facebook is always adding new features to improve the experience for Facebook users.

Below we explore 4 of the latest and greatest new Facebook features that are rolling out that you may want to add to your social media strategy.

A Facebook Beacon for Your Local Business

If you place a Facebook Beacon at the physical location of your business (retail or hospitality are great venues for this!), it will send information to people who are on Facebook near you and have their Bluetooth turned on on their mobile device.

Using the beacon, you can send people who are nearby messages about your business, deals, offers and specials. It’s an easy way to get attention of mobile users. The Facebook Beacon device is free, all you need to do is request one from Facebook for your local page. It’s an excellent way to increase the visibility of your local business to people who are using Facebook nearby. Facebook Bluetooth beacons are being distributed to a limited number of businesses at this time however.

The See First Option

Facebook now allows people to customise their news feed to prioritise updates from special friends, groups and even pages. This is awesome news for business pages with great content. Now fans can prioritise your posts and you will get more reach and engagment.

Your fans just need to go to your Facebook page, click the Liked button and then select the See First option. To access it from a desktop, select the down arrow on the far right to get to News Feed Preferences.

To customise your news feed preferences, click Following on the pages you want to see first. Easy!

Upgrades to Facebook Conversion Tracking

There are two types of tracking codes (or pixels) you place on your website to track conversions and custom audiences. Facebook has just announced a new custom audience pixel that combines these features into the one pixel. This will help with tracking and speed and therefore your statistics will be more accurate.

To migrate to the new pixel Conversion Tracking, place the new code on your website, and add the code on the specific pages that you want to track and remove the old pixel.

Saved Replies

Another new feature that is currently rolling out on Facebook is called Saved Replies. Are there certain enquiry responses you end up messaging on Facebook to your fans frequently? Save time by drafting several messages and responses that you can send out as required.

To access, head to the Messages area of your page, click on a particular message. The message will appear in a pop-up box and the Saved Replies will be on the left sidebar. From there, then select Manage Replies to see all of the replies you’ve created or create a new reply. It is even easy to search your replies by keyword. Click on the message on your Facebook page, and then select Manage Replies or Create New Reply. Create generic replies for all of your frequently asked questions. Then if required, customise them before sending them out.

If you can’t get to Saved Replies, it is most likely due to the fact that this feature is only available for pages that have their Message button enabled.

We hope these new Facebook features will be of great help to your business, If you want to make the most of your social media presence, iFactory can help plan and execute a targeted digital marketing strategy to help drive your business further through Facebook and social media. As one of Brisbane’s premier digital and creative agencies, iFactory can provide exceptionally crafted digital and social media solutions for you. Contact iFactory today.

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