4 reasons why podcasts mean business

Here are four reasons why you should be embracing the power of the podcast.

Whether we listen to podcasts while relaxing, working out, or just working, they are an increasingly popular staple of social media for their versatility and accessibility. So why do we tend to ignore their potential when exploring new digital marketing options?

Below are four reasons why we should be embracing the power of the podcast.

1. Anywhere, anytime

Running into strangers because you’re trying to watch a smartphone screen and simultaneously exist in public can be frustrating. The turn-it-on-and-go nature of a podcast makes it a great option for commuters and busy thinkers who want to access your services without giving up their sight or their hands. Podcasts are not limited by time frames and sudden interruptions in the way videos and articles are.

2. Serialisation

Podcasts become an addiction for many listeners. Like a daily caffeine shot, podcasts listened to over time can become a thread of continuity and thoughtfulness in your audience’s lives, motivating them for the day ahead or offering them respite from the bustle of high-paced society. Podcasts provide intimacy between creators and audiences, and that intimacy informs a sustainable relationship between consumer and brand.

3. Community

Podcasts already have an established market. Whether free or paid, they occupy spaces everywhere from the most renowned stores to the most democratised online platforms. Listeners tend to accept the reality of sponsoring and marketing links in their podcasts for this reason. Audiences who are interested in your content will find it, and they will appreciate it for its merits regardless.

4. Creativity

Podcasts are a great way to access the more creative aspects of digital strategy. Not only can they paint an image of your brand over time by offering valuable related content, they can do it in an array of formats. Interviews with field experts, panel discussions, news, and entertaining anecdotes all form the tapestry of the standard podcast. The networking possibilities are endless.

Taking the first steps

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