5 free WordPress plugins you need for your ecommerce site

Here’s our quick rundown on the five best, free plugins you should be running if you’re selling things online.

Ecommerce websites are blowing traditional markets apart, across every corner of the internet. It’s no surprise that savvy web marketers and first time entrepreneurs alike are getting their hands on just about any competitive advantage that’s available. With WordPress sites, the gap between full-time web developers and those that couldn’t tell their CSS from their CMS has been closed slightly.

It certainly doesn’t hurt when there are a bunch of free WordPress plugins to make things a little less confusing. Here’s our quick rundown on the five best, free plugins you should be running if you’re selling things online:

1. WooCommerce

This is a user intuitive ecommerce plugin, transforming a standard website into an online store (and hopefully a gold mine!) There are plenty of extra extensions that you can find out there, which you can cherry-pick as your needs dictate. Plus, with a variety of themes available, you should find one to take your fancy.

2. Yoast SEO

No matter what you are doing with the site, you should have a virtual SEO guide like Yoast peering over your shoulder to make sure you have the best chance of acquiring and converting shoppers.

3. Floating Social Bar

Social networking needs to be doing at least some of the legwork in your overall marketing strategy. Keep your social accounts front of mind for your customers with Floating Social Bar, making it super-easy to share that bargain they just nabbed on your site with their network.

4. Google XML Sitemaps

If you need a hand creating an XML sitemap to help search engines crawl, understand and index your site then Google XML Sitemaps is a pretty good bet. It’s user friendly and can be pretty effective at helping your ecommerce site to be found in search.

5. Title Experiments 

Ecommerce success relies on data driven decision making to achieve optimal results. Rest assured that all the big players out there are A/B testing everything to find what helps potential customers convert to loyal shoppers. Try Title Experiments to craft the perfect headlines across your site and leave the guessing game behind.

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