5 reasons to use a full service digital agency

Any web developer can tell you that when it comes to building an effective website, good web design is only half the battle. If you’re considering hiring a web designer, here are five reasons you might want to invest in a full service digital agency instead.

1. An effective website needs good design and good content

When it comes to attracting users to your site, readability is as crucial as usability. Research indicates the average user leaves a website after just 15 seconds. If you want potential clients to stick around, you need good quality content that will not only hold their interest, but turn them into regular visitors.

2. Full service digital agencies understand digital marketing

It may look easy, but like web design, writing persuasive copy is an art. Full service digital agencies can help you craft content that speaks to your target market.

3. Full service digital agencies know how search engines work

Full service digital agencies understand the principles of search engine optimisation (SEO). They can help you choose the right keywords, to ensure your website is among the first results potential clients see.

4. Full service digital agencies can keep your website free of typos and grammatical errors

No doubt you’ve heard the adage: “You only get one chance to make a first impression”. Nowadays, potential clients judge businesses on their website, which is why yours needs to be as credible and professional as it is eye-catching and easy to navigate.

5. A full service digital agency can save you valuable time

Successful business owners know how important it is to delegate. Why not carve out some more time for yourself by delegating the task of maintaining your website to a team of experts?

As one of Brisbane’s leading full service digital agencies, iFactory can help you refine your digital marketing strategy. Our eclectic mix of digital designers, web developers, and digital marketing specialists come together for one purpose: to provide intelligent web solutions based on your business needs.

5 reasons to use a full service digital agency-

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