5 Ways to Attract More Readers to Your Blog

We all know the feeling of wanting more. More money, more time, more friends, more wine. For corporate bloggers, it’s all about more readers.

In previous blog articles, we’ve looked at things like how to write great content and useful topic generators tools. Now that you’ve had time to digest the basics, it’s time to explore how to increase exposure and your number of followers.

1.    Promote on social channels

Posting on social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc – is the easiest and most efficient way to get people to read your content. The idea being that your followers will read you blog and share on their personal networks. But, you have to do more than simply repeat the blog title in your post. Share a thought or question to prompt interest and get them clicking (and sharing).

2.    Make it easy to share

If it’s easy to share, people are more likely to do it. You could do this by adding a share button, preferably at the end of the content, to encourage readers to share.

3.    Optimise for Search

You have to be found in the first instance. That’s why search engine optimisation (SEO) is as important for your blogs as it is for the rest of your website. Before you click publish, here are a few must-do SEO tricks:

  • Add a meta description (that’s the 150-character summary that appears in search results)
  • Check that your content contains keywords
  • If possible, use keywords in headings and as links
  • Add links to other pages in your website
  • Add alt text for your images

4.    Build a sense of belonging

One way to attract quality and loyal readers is to speak to them directly. The tone of your writing should speak to them at the individual level to invoke a feeling of familiarity. You could reference old inside jokes that only loyal readers would understand for example. Not only would this create a sense of belonging, it gives new followers a sense of the “cool” exclusivity and depth of community. Interacting with readers through comments is also crucial in building community and growing readers.

5.    Frequency counts

It stands to reason that the more you blog, the more followers you’ll have. Posting 2-3 times a week will dramatically increase your number of followers, than say if you were posting once a week or once a month. The trick is to have a schedule and be consistent so followers know what to expect.

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