6 ways to increase engagement on Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking tool, and a social network for creative people. It’s a great way to reach an audience who appreciate beautiful online content. Pinterest is not only fun for personal use, but can also do wonders for a brand’s image and engagement with an influential audience. Pins shared by businesses are among the most popular and highest quality on Pinterest, so there is a fantastic opportunity at this time for brands to become integral to the growing Pinterest community.

To get you started, here are six ways you can increase engagement on your Pinterest posts and build a strong following on the social network.

1. Original content

Pinterest involves both sharing what you find, and what you have personally created. Businesses have an advantage in the latter, as they have access to resources such as designers and creative teams. To make your business a famous name on Pinterest, share original Pins that will stand out to users and create more engagement, such as likes and comments, as they haven’t been seen before.

2. Help and inform

Some of the most popular Pins are those that are informative and helpful to the Pinterest community. As a business, you have a wealth of specialist expertise on certain subjects, which you can share with Pinterest users. Examples of the informative Pins that go down well on the site include recipes, how-to guides and tutorials. The kinds of companies who create this type of content include those who specialise in food, home furnishings and fashion.

3. Inspire actions

An effective form of Pinterest content for brands who want to drive sales and clicks to their products and services is Pins that inspire the user to take an action. For example, this could be an image that exclusively reveals a new product line or announces some exciting news about the company in a fun, visual way. You can provide a link so it’s easy for the user to find out more or make a purchase.

4. Detailed descriptions

The key to creating a strong relationship with your audience on Pinterest is not just to simply post images without any context or related information. Instead, each post should be accompanied by a thoughtful and well-written description that increases the user’s interest in the Pin and inspires them to want to find out more. The tone of your descriptions should match the style of your content.

5. Pinterest functionality

Don’t forget to make the most of the cool functionality Pinterest has created to help brands get more out of using the platform. This includes the Rich Pins concept, which allows you to provide information that is automatically updated with any changes on where to purchase the items features in your Pins, how much they cost, and their current availability.

6. Image tips

Pinterest have a few recommendations on how you can make your images look best on their site. They know that high quality images get the best engagement, especially those that look more professional. It could reflect badly on your brand if images are poorly lit or look amateurish. You should also use landscape images rather than portrait so the full image is seen when users are browsing. 5 killer design apps to get your images Pinterest-ready.

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