An Essential Overview of Google’s New SEO Hummingbird Algorithm

Google is an undeniable force in making or breaking your presence online. The recipe which determines the pagerank of your website for a particular term is made up of over 200 ingredients. How Google decides to rank a site in a page of results is referred to as the ranking algorithm. Recently Google unveiled their new algorithm aptly named Hummingbird due to its fast and accurate nature.

How Google got to Hummingbird

Previously Google updated their ranking algorithm with the additions of Panda and Penguin which are thought to still be key ingredients of the new Hummingbird algorithm. Pagerank is also thought to also be an essential part of the new system.

The reason Google has introduced Hummingbird is in response to the growing use of voice-induced technology or Siri-style functions on smart devices. Google wants users to be able to pull out their devices and ask any search related terms for prompt and efficient SEO results. Hummingbird is essentially an extension of that function.

Voice Led Searches

Instead of users inputting search queries with their virtual keyboards, which are also responsible in curbing the length of search terms, they will execute searches with voice commands. An obvious difference in current and expected searches will be:

A) Website design Brisbane

B) Who does website design in brisbane?

The semantics behind search terms and queries will affect a website’s ability to rank for particular terms. Original keyword use will still be a factor for search engine optimisation but instead of repeating key phrases or keywords throughout copy it will be important to keep them varied across both the page and entire site. It appears that the aim of Google is to enable users to have a conversation style search with their phone which will ultimately enhance user experience. Hummingbird’s aim is to be incredibly perceptive by having the ability to assume what a searcher means rather than rely on keyword indexing. For example:

A) What the is the best website design business in Brisbane?

If a user types such a search query with multiple terms into Google, Hummingbird’s aim will be to assume its meaning rather than individualise search terms and carry out a one-dimensional search for them.

Future SEO and Hummingbird

It isn’t imperative that you run out and change all of the basic Search Engine Optimisation principles you have put in place for your website. Google isn’t trying to circumvent the rankings you have already established for your website. Instead they are focussing on creating a more useful search experience for the user. The original suggestions for SEO rankings still apply such as:

  • Well written and researched copy on your site that is relevant to your audience

  • Relevant and reputable links to similar subject websites

  • Selective internal links between your own website pages

  • Search Engines are able to easily parse your pages

The bottom line is that your SEO strategy needn’t change that much in terms of your approach. Consider the future inclusion of voice led searching as well as the dominance of smartphones and tablets. If your website doesn’t fully cater to smartphone or tablet users then talk to us about responsive design. Our web design team at iFactory are able to create a site that has interactive design and is SEO friendly to maximise your online presence.  

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