Aussie SME confidence and behaviour survey: Health and community services

The health and community services industry remains a confident leader.

Confidence fell slightly, but the sector remains a leader on this dimension.
2016 Sensis Business Index

Welcome to Part 9 of iFactory’s blog series on the Sensis Business Index June 2016 quarter. Sensis released the quarterly survey based on the behaviours and confidence of 1,000 businesses surveyed across the country. This, in turn, gives small to medium businesses a gauge of just how their competitors are feeling about business overall – a valuable tool in planning your company’s next move.

Our previous eight blogs have individually focused on each of the industries surveyed; manufacturing, building and construction, wholesale and retail trade, hospitality, transport and storage, finance and insurance and communication, property and business services. Next week’s blog will be the final one in our ten-part series – so make sure you check back.

This time, let’s break down the results for the health and community services industry.

No confidence issues among those in health and community services

The health and community services industry is arguably the most rewarding of all industries to work in. The work they do is paramount to the nation’s health and vitality, but do they feel they’re performing well business-wise?

This sector is generally always a leader in the results of the quarterly Sensis report, and the June 2016 results are no different.

Confidence among this industry is well above the national average, as is generally the case, due to individual business strengths and healthy sales. The only concern for those businesses who stated a lack of confidence was due to declining sales.

The results found that the health and community services sector blitzed the competition for another quarter – with sales, profitability, wages, prices and employment (the five main survey indicators used) all blitzing the competition.

Health and Community Services Confidence
Source: 2016 Sensis Business Index

Don’t quit while you’re ahead!

Even though the health and community services industry remains steady and small to medium businesses appear to be fairly confident, it doesn’t mean you should rest on your laurels!

At iFactory, we are experts in crafting compelling digital solutions that not only help you get ahead of the competition in your industry – but help you stay there too.

We understand the need to have a trustworthy, caring digital presence in the health and community services industry, so call us today for a chat about your many options with our friendly team.

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