Aussie SME confidence and behaviour survey: Comms, property and business

Communication, property and business services in outstanding position.

A rise in confidence keeps this sector firmly above the national average. Last quarter was relatively good and performance expectations are all at the high end, especially for sales and profitability.
2016 Sensis Business Index

We’re almost at the end of our blog series that aims to analyse the results of the Sensis Business Index for the June 2016 quarter. The survey is particularly insightful for those working across a range of many sectors in Australia, and gives small to medium business owners an idea of just how their competitors are feeling confidence-wise in the current quarter.

iFactory’s previous blogs have individually focused on a whole spectrum of industries, including manufacturing, building and construction, wholesale traderetail trade, hospitality, transport and storage and finance and insurance. We will be rounding up the findings in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

For our eighth blog, let’s have a look at the results for the communication, property and business services industry.

Sales are through the roof for communication, property and business services

If you work in any of the aforementioned industries within Australia, you’ll be pumped up by this quarter’s results. Of the 1,000 businesses surveyed for the Sensis Business Index, those in communication, property or business services were way above the national average in terms of general confidence and positivity surrounding their current position in the market.

It’s actually great news all round, because this batch of positive results follows a similarly optimistic last quarter as well.

Those businesses surveyed, who stated their confidence in their business status was high, explained that this was generally due to being an “established, solid business” in their own sector, while the few that were struggling cited their pessimism as being due to low sales and negative business conditions.

The real kicker, though, appears to be that the final results of the points-based Sensis survey found that in this quarter, sales are twice as optimistic as the next sector that trailed behind them.

If this is the case, now is a perfect time to carve a niche in the communication, property and business services industry, as business is booming!

Communication, Property and Business Services Confidence
Source: 2016 Sensis Business Index

iFactory can’t wait to help your business

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