Australian SME confidence and behaviour survey: Hospitality

Considering getting into the hospitality industry? Now is a great time.

Confidence increased strongly making the hospitality sector the equal leader. The key indicator performances were impressive last quarter and expectations remain positive.
2016 Sensis Business Index

If you’ve been keeping up to date with iFactory’s blog posts of late, you’ll know that we’ve been rolling out our blog series on the results of the Sensis Business Index for June 2016 in an easy-to-understand, 10-part series. The quarterly report, put together by the Australian company Sensis, provides a much-needed insight into the behaviours and confidence of small to medium businesses in a range of competitive industries across Australia.

Make sure to head back and catch up on the state of the manufacturing, building and construction, wholesale and retail trade industries. Also, be sure to check back to the iFactory blog regularly for more industry analysis. This week we are giving you a snapshot of the hospitality sector.

Business is booming and confidence soaring for hospitality SMBs

There’s no denying it: Australians love putting their hard-earned cash into the hospitality industry across the country. Whether it’s staying at a fancy hotel over the weekend, buying multiple coffees a day to keep you going or enjoying your weekly Sunday brunch at that trendy café you love so much – Aussies love treating themselves.

These are just a few of the reasons the hospitality industry has continued to boom, according to the Sensis Business Index results. The previous quarters have been equally as positive, with confident small to medium business owners of hotels, cafés or restaurants citing their own specific business strengths as the main reasons they are happy with the way businesses are getting on.

The hospitality industry is, in fact, the equal leader of this quarter’s results in terms of the level of confidence and behaviour among businesses surveyed. Sales and profitability were the key strengths, and wages, prices and employment also in a terrific position overall.

Hospitality (Accommodation, Caf&eacutes and Restaurants) Confidence
Source: 2016 Sensis Business Index

How we can keep your establishment thriving

Even if your hospitality business is going great guns, you should always have a clear plan of action in place for how to keep your lovely hotel, hipster café or popular restaurant on top.

The iFactory team are all about giving you the edge and we offer only the best digital solutions to small and medium businesses. Whether you need a pro digital designer, web developer or digital marketing specialist, give us a call today to discuss the needs of your pocket of the hospitality industry.

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