Australian SME confidence and behaviour survey: Manufacturing

2016 business confidence survey results are dire for manufacturing sector.

Confidence is down, recording the lowest net balance of all the sectors, with weak expectations for sales and profitability.
2016 Sensis Business Index

iFactory is excited to announce that this is the first of a series of insightful blogs on the results of the 2016 Sensis Business Index. The quarterly report, released by the industry leader in business insights across Australia, surveys the confidence and behaviour of 1,000 small to medium businesses across a variety of sectors.

Manufacturing small to medium businesses take a huge hit

iFactory has gone one step further and is breaking down these sometimes confusing, points-based results in an interesting and straightforward 10-part series coming up on our blog – so stay tuned!

The first of our blog breakdowns will be that of the results of confidence and behaviour within the manufacturing sector in Australia.

Manufacturing has traditionally been a major industry across our vast country, but the results of the survey could come as a surprise to those who assume business is always booming for those working in the field.

The June 2016 quarterly survey found that confidence was down across small and medium manufacturing companies. In fact, those in manufacturing won’t be thrilled to hear that this field actually recorded the lowest net balance of all sectors surveyed, which in turn also means projected sales and profits for the quarter were weak.

Why, you may ask? The lack of confidence across these small and medium manufacturing sector is generally down to low demand and lack of sales, according to Sensis. The previous quarter bore the same results.

Overall, not all aspects covered in the survey of small to medium manufacturing enterprises were dire for those whose lifeblood is this once-leading industry.

In spite of sales and profitability in manufacturing being the lowest of any sector, employment for those looking to get a foot in the door of this industry, wages for employees, and prices within the field were all surprisingly in keeping with the national average across other sectors.

Manufacturing Confidence
Source: 2016 Sensis Business Index

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