Buffer Versus Hootsuite

In the world of social media management tools, there is a mammoth battle occurring between two titans. On one side you have the intuitive and impulse friendly Buffer and on the other there is the customisable and multi-platform integration power of Hootsuite.

Both of these heavyweights have enough positives to rally any content creation specialist to their corner. But which is the most powerful social media automation tool? Which one of these champions would emerge victorious in a head to head, no holds barred social media management smack-down?

Here at iFactory we’re smart enough not to take sides. Like any fighters, both of these platforms have their positives and their challenges. We employ both of them based on our needs for social media management in Brisbane and here is why:

Buffer – The positives

Ease of use: Buffer is easy to use and extremely intuitive. Even the most inexperienced of users can jump right in and start scheduling posts without much drama. The analytics tools are easy to understand, allowing the user to quickly adjust their strategy based on the data they receive.

Good for on-the-fly scheduling: Because of its user-friendly nature scheduling posts with Buffer is a joy. You can release content at different times for different social media accounts or add separate posts to each account.

Affordability: Buffer is a frugal content manager’s dream. For as little as $10 a month, you have access to even more powerful tools and features than you do in the free version. With that said, even Buffer’s free version offers an array of options that would make even the most particular social media manager happy.

Hootsuite – The positives

Custom link shorteners: Hootsuite offers users the ability to create “vanity” URLs. We can use a company’s name, or a brand name as a URL. This not only makes it easier to share links via Twitter, or on any other social media platform that limits the number of characters you can use, but this adds another dimension to your branding efforts.

Keyword tracking: Hootsuite’s social listening abilities are amazing. It allows us to get a quick overview of how users are interacting with an account by creating streams for @mentions and sent tweets. It also allows you to customise streams based on keywords, allowing us to monitor how users are using the phrases most relevant to our clients.

Integration: You can connect Hootsuite with all of the major social media and blogging platforms. Hootsuite connects with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, WordPress and more, making its value for money hard to deny.

Buffer – Things we don’t like

Buffer shows basic analytics only: The side effect of Buffer’s ease of use is that it provides only the most basic of analytics. It does not offer you as comprehensive of an overview as Hootsuite. Its snapshot-like approach to account data limits your ability to adjust campaigns based on how users are interacting with your social media accounts.

Lack of bulk scheduling: This makes planning marketing for campaigns unnecessarily complicated by limiting how far in advance you can schedule the release of posts for your marketing campaign.

Hootsuite – Things we don’t like

Intimidating interface: Hootsuite tends to take some time getting used to. It has a reputation of looking confusing and overwhelming when you first start using it. While that fades after a while, the amount of time it takes to get familiar with can put off first-time users.

The number of features: This isn’t necessarily a bad thing in itself, but this is where Hootsuite can chew up a content manager’s time as they try to get their head around all of its features. This inevitably takes time away from the content creation and social media management they need to do in the first place and can intimidate the uninitiated.

At iFactory we are happy using both for our content marketing. We can use amongst others, these tools to assist with your overall digital strategy and marketing. We map your corporate objectives, identify your target market and analyse your competition to boost engagement and ultimately grow your business. We then take that information and engage with your target market through online advertising, email marketing, search engine optimisation and social media.

We are a full-service digital agency with an experienced group of professional and passionate team members who specialise in, among other things, Internet marketing in Brisbane. Feel free to contact us to have a chat about all the services we offer in content marketing in Brisbane by calling or emailing us.

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