Elements Missing From Your Social Strategy

Are there key elements missing from your social media strategy?

Knowledgeable business people and owners should be already up and running on social media with scheduled posts and organised topics to discuss by now. However, simple or even obvious omissions of information can impact severely on your business’ social media efforts.

One key point to remember is the access to your corporate website from a social media channel, like Facebook or LinkedIn. If a potential or existing user, client or customer has to search everywhere or guess your web address they may not bother to put in any effort to actually visit it.

Similarly with your business blog, which can be either separate or linked to your business website will help draw in traffic and should be a key part of your Social Media strategy or your Social Media Management Plan. Other points to consider are retargeting people who have already engaged with your brand and align with your demographic in future social media advertising campaigns. Also continue to use email effectively off the back of social media, don’t neglect YouTube as a strong social media influence, keep the original content flowing in any online format and manoeuvre your employees to become your most active advocates.  Here are five tips to turn your employees into brand ambassadors.

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