Getting started with Google’s Inbox App – Part 2

Welcome to part two of our guide to getting started with Google’s Inbox app. Want to know more about Inbox? Read iFactory’s part one of the Google’s Inbox series to get a better understanding of how Inbox by Gmail can help you.

Install and explore

Once you have your invitation from Google’s Inbox, you’ll need to install the app on your Android or iOS (Google provides a link in the invite). When that’s done, you’re ready to go!

You’ll immediately notice that the app interface has a cleaner look, is visually appealing and simplistic in design, and the colour palette is easy on the eye. You’ll also find that all of your existing mail, labels, and filters are still there, so you won’t have to start over.

How does Inbox compare with Gmail?

You may be wondering what the similarities and differences are between Gmail and Inbox. Inbox is similar, but the terminology and functionality are slightly different, especially on the mobile app. Take a look at the list below to see which features are the same and which ones have changed.

Common actions that are the same:

Gmail                           Inbox

Archive                         Done

Delete                           Move to Trash

Report Spam                Move to Spam

Compose                      Compose

Common actions that are similar:

Gmail                           Inbox

Star                              Pin

Mark as unread             Snooze

Email yourself               Create a reminder

Inbox categories           Bundle labels in your inbox

Create labels/filters        Create custom labels & automatically add emails

What makes Inbox so useful is not just its looks, but also its features. The most innovative feature is the ability to mark emails as ‘Done’ rather than ‘Read.’ All messages have a checked symbol, and by tapping it, the message will be sent directly to the ‘Done’ label and removed from your to-do list. When you mark something as ‘Done’ in Inbox it will also archive it in your actual Gmail. Pretty nifty!

There are a number of great shortcuts built in, too. By swiping an email to the right it will be marked as done, and if a bundle contains items with previews, you can swipe between them without having to open the entire group. You can also remove bundles you don’t want.

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