How ScheduGram can help your Instagram digital campaigns

ScheduGram is a relatively new service that launched earlier this year, and is fast promising to make the lives of social media managers a whole lot easier. Essentially, it is an Instagram management tool, allowing you to upload, edit and post images at a scheduled date and time.

Nielsen reports that Instagram had a 66% year-on-year growth to around 32 million active users in 2013, Instagram is now a service that has become a core part of the of many connected consumer’s online activities.

ScheduGram Features

ScheduGram allows you to upload your images and videos and edit your images before posting them – you can then choose to post them immediately, or you can schedule them to post whenever you like. They even support multiple timezones. When editing you can crop, add filters, text or images, rotate, fix colours and more. Tip: iFactory reviews what day and times to post to get the best engagement on our accounts.

This makes managing your digital marketing campaigns on Instagram a whole lot easier, but what’s even better is that you can upload and post images to multiple accounts at a time. As iFactory look after multiple Instagram accounts for multiple clients (including our own Instagram channel!). Posting images to different accounts no longer requires multiple devices or time-consuming repeat logins – you can manage them all through ScheduGram. This will save plenty of time and effort, and keeps everything conveniently in one place. Not only that, you can also have multiple users, allowing you to keep track of a collaborative effort between team members. You can also have multiple client accounts.

Better yet for those who are managing a particularly large Instagram campaign, you are also able to upload images in bulk. While you can’t edit each image individually, this allows you to quickly sort out large volumes of posts – simply set the caption and schedule for the day and time you would like them to be posted. Great news for your digital strategy.

ScheduGram Prices

The prices for ScheduGram are fairly reasonable, starting at just AUD$13 a month for the Starter package up to AUD$100 a month for the ‘InstaBoss’ option. They mostly offer the same features, including unlimited uploads and unlimited scheduling, however, which package you choose will depend on how many accounts you wish to manage, and how many followers you have. The starter package only allows for one account and a maximum of 10,000 followers, while the InstaBoss gives you 10 accounts and a whopping 1 million followers. Of course, there are other options that fall in between these, and the good news is that each package comes with a 7 day free trial, so you can see what works best for you.

Why we love it

Here at iFactory, we use ScheduGram in order to save ourselves and our clients time by uploading and scheduling images and videos to post later on multiple accounts. We find it perfect for planning campaigns, as the option to post immediately or to schedule for later makes things extremely manageable. Having signed up since the BETA, we have been thrilled with the results so far. Especially the time saved.

Not only is it an incredibly cost-effective solution, we have found the support to be excellent , personalised and timely. ScheduGram have also been very receptive to feedback, and we have actually suggested several features that have now been integrated into the service. Thanks for listening guys!

iFactory is a digital agency in Brisbane, working with you to improve your company’s online presence. Through digital marketing and digital strategies, we can work with you on everything from website design and support to application development. We also specialise in social media management, and use the latest tools such as ScheduGram to ensure you’re getting the most out of your social media platforms.

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Please Note: ScheduGram is a third party app and is not affiliated with Instagram, nor endorsed or certified by Instagram. iFactory was not paid for this review.

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