How to make your website more trustworthy

Your website is your business’s shop front on the internet, so it has to be trustworthy or no one will visit it. Think about it, if you owned a store that looked suspicious and untrustworthy, would you expect people to come inside? Obviously not. Your website needs to show it’s worthy of potential customers’ trust, so people are attracted to it and it gets pushed up the Google rankings. Here’s a few simple tips to help.

Domain name

For a trustworthy site, you first need a trustworthy domain name. This involves ensuring your domain isn’t too exotic, so you’re probably best to go for a, .com, .net or .org address. Also, the older your domain is (as long as it has a spam-free history), the more it will be trusted by search engines and Google’s ranking algorithm. If you’re creating a new site, you can buy old, trustworthy domain names – just make sure the address you choose is relevant to your business!

We also recommend setting your domain name to renew every two years or as long as your registrar allows, to show Google that you’re in it for the long haul. And, when creating a new domain name, try not to use more than one hyphen, as any more than this can look spammy.

Website content

When it comes to content on your site, you can make it trustworthy by including your full contact information clearly and accurately. Shady sites hide their contact info or don’t have any at all. We also recommend including pages for terms and conditions and a privacy policy. The more information about your business there is on your site, the more people and search engines will be able to trust it.


Your search engine optimisation (SEO) can be given a boost by reputable links. Sites with authority and an excellent reputation are liked by Google, so if you have links from these, Google knows it can trust you and will push you up the rankings accordingly. In contrast, if there are many links to your site on less reputable websites, it will have a negative influence on your Google rankings.

Trustworthy sites from iFactory

Here at iFactory, we know what it takes to create a trustworthy site that Google will love. Get in touch with us today to find out how our website design and website development services can push your business to the next level and help with your SEO.

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