iFactory 2017 Year in Review

As we head towards the end of an action-packed 2017 it’s time we looked back on the year that was. This is the first full year we’ve been operating out of our newly refurbished Bowen Hills studio and there’s been a lot of great memories built along the way. Here are some of the most memorable projects we’ve worked on:

Vita Gala

It’s not often that a client asks for a website that’s also a comic book that’s also an interactive party invitation, but who are we to refuse a challenge? Vita Group wanted a fun way to invite their key partners to their annual event party with a crazy take on the Route 66 theme. To meet the brief, we created a storybook adventure that users could change the outcome of by making decisions at key points in the story. Each “page” of the storybook featured original characters with new comic book art and animation and proved to be a big hit.

Downer Connect

Downer Connect

We’ve been working with Downer Group for several years now, helping many of their operations reach new customers and let the world know about their always interesting operations. So, when they called with a request to make a mobile web application for the company’s 20,000-strong employees, we knew we were ready for the task. Our developers and designers created a robust and easy to use content management system for Downer staff to interact with, showcasing the latest news and opportunities the company offers. It also worked seamlessly online and offline, vital for Downer staff in remote locations.

Channel 9 Telethon

Channel Nine Telethon

The annual Channel Nine Telethon is a big part of the fundraising efforts that help the Children’s Hospital Foundation do their incredible work. We were happy to help their website work even better, making sure it was found in search engine results, utilising their new creative, updating content for this year’s campaign and integrating third-party telethon tallies. We were on called during the all-important telethon night to ensure everything ran smoothly – which of course it did.

AVE Bikes

Electronic bikes are big news right now, as the technology improves and new players enter the market with great new designs. We were excited to work with AVE Bikes as they launch their range internationally with a website that turns heads just as much as the bikes they sell. Each ebike on the site can be customized to be as unique as the person who will be riding it, and changes made are reflected in the corresponding image. Take the site for a spin and you’ll see why we’re particularly proud of our efforts.

Contented Chef

Being a bunch of tech-savvy foodies, we’re always more than happy to work on a site that is all about food. Contented Chef makes nutritious, delicious meals that are delivered straight to people’s homes all across the state and even offer specialised items for people who require texture modified meals. While the process of ordering food looks simple, there’s a lot of technology behind the scenes, that we’re especially proud of.

We’re also working on some brand new projects that we can’t wait to show the world early in the new year.

Our people

web design brisbane

Staff wise, we bid a fond farewell to a long-time team member (feel free to come back and visit, but bring cake) and welcomed several fresh-faced new recruits as we continue to expand our lineup into 2018. We’ve had two engagements, several overseas trips, one wedding and lots of house moves! We’re excited to see what new adventures lay ahead for all of us.

We’re closing our doors for the holiday season on Friday, December 22nd 2017 at noon but we’ll be back ready to take on 2018 on the 2nd of January 2018. In the meantime, stay tuned to our social channels to see the latest news from the world of iFactory. If you need a Brisbane digital agency to create a unique digital solution for you in 2018, contact us on 07 3844 0577.

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