Increase your customer engagement with SMS and email

True corporate success can only occur when a company adds value to the life of its customers. Customers will only pay the company’s bills if they believe that they generate an indispensable value from their purchase.

Email and SMS are powerful marketing tools. They can either make or break a company’s marketing strategy, because they are such powerful tools. Send the wrong communication out via either SMS or email and your customers will take their buying power elsewhere. It’s all too easy to click the unsubscribe button and get a bad taste in your mouth from content that is overwhelming or annoying.

On the flipside, following our suggestions for harnessing the power of email and SMS can enhance the relationship that you have with your customers and even engage a larger subscriber base.

Here are our top tips for increasing customer engagement with SMS and email:

1. Educate your customers

People read their email marketing to be informed. They open up a browser or an app and scan the headlines for what they need to know.

Almost all companies have the ability to create an educational experience for their customers. Most even have enough information to develop a series of emails so that customers continue to remain engaged with their content over a number of weeks.

Whatever you decide is a great pitch for educating your customers, make sure that the digital marketing content is engaging, educational, and actually adds value to your customers while remaining relevant to your brand.

2. Reward loyalty

Some of your customers will be active subscribers. Some of your active subscribers may not be customers or, if they are your customers, may not have reached their full potential as customers.

Email marketing and SMS marketing has become more sophisticated than ever. You can now reward subscribers for every interaction they have with your email. Open the email? One point. Click on a link? 10 points. When a user accumulates a certain amount of points, you can further engage them by thanking them or rewarding their engagement.

Your customers have subscribed for a reason. This targets those who may have not unsubscribed, but are seeing dwindling value from their subscription. And for those who are engaged, it is a way to ensure continued loyalty.

3. Exclusive SMS offers

Most people use SMS to send brief messages to loved ones and friends. When someone picks up their phone to check an SMS, they are already in a trusting frame of mind. That’s what makes it worth using SMS marketing.

Be sure to use SMS to offer only exclusive offers, as you want to maintain the level of trust that enables you into their SMS in the first place.

4. Special events

Exclusivity is important. Run special events for your subscribers so that they continue to feel special. They may not be interested in a product right now, but they will continue to subscribe because they see the benefit of subscription.

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