Is Tsu your social network?

The latest social media network to hit the world wide web is Tsu (pronounced ‘Sue’), which launched publicly on October 21. Will Tsu become the social media platform of the future and give Facebook and Twitter a run for their money? Only time will tell. But it has certainly received significant hype since its launch just under a month ago.

New York-based Tsu, which resembles Facebook, Google Plus and the recently redesigned Twitter in appearance, is substantially different to these well-established social media and digital marketing platforms. It also differs from another newcomer, Ello (check out our Ello review), because it aims to reward users for contributing and sharing their content. The more interest you generate the more money you make.

The Tsu concept is simple

Tsu retains 10 percent of the revenue from its ads and allocates the remaining 90 percent to its content creators and their networks (the followers who share content). The premise is that not only the platform provider, but also the content creators deserve to be rewarded for their contribution to the dynamic user base.

How does Tsu work?

As an example, let’s say you (user A) invite a friend (user B), who invites a friend (user C), who invites a friend (user D) and so on, creating a type of network family tree.

Payments are made to each user when content is created and shared. So if $100 is generated when user D in the network shares content (status updates, photos, videos, etc.), 90% of that revenue will be distributed amongst the users. Tsu retains 10% of the money earned for platform fees.

Here is a breakdown of how payments are allocated to users:

  • User D who created content would receive 50% ‒ $45.
  • User C would receive 33.3% ‒ $29.70.
  • User B would receive 11.1% ‒ $9.99.
  • User A would receive 3.70% ‒ $3.33.

As you can see, by being the content creator and sharer you are going to make more money when you consistently contribute new, original content to your personal network.

Some users will generate considerably more earnings from creating and sharing content, especially high profile users whose networks are extensive. So, essentially, how much you earn is calculated by how often you promote yourself across all social media platforms and how many join your Tsu network.

So how do you join Tsu?

It’s free, but there is one condition. An established user must send you an invitation with their short-code so you can create your own account. Once you’re on the website, it’s your responsibility to invite new users by sharing your personal short-code, which gives them access to the platform and allows them to follow you and share your content.

Tsu has used an exceptional digital marketing strategy to promote their innovative concept for a revenue-oriented social networking platform that benefits its users. It appears to be successful.

Want to know more about how you can use digital marketing strategy– or even Tsu –  to grow your business? Contact iFactory for a digital solution that suits your needs.

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