Leap Motion and Google Earth

Followers and close users of technology have been witnesses to the evolution of digital applications. Smart phone, tablets and even gaming devices are reshaping the way we interact with the digital world. Google is at the forefront of this development and we have seen the enormity of previous designs such as Google Earth. This application has been ramped up with the introduction of Google Glass and Leap Motion.

Leap Motion is a derivative of Kinect (albeit on steroids) as it sports a tiny sensor that lets you control the content on your Windows, Mac or Linux PC with precision gestures. Before launching such a frenzy-inducing development Google would like to ensure that software support is well established. Currently version 7.1 is available for desktops and when used with Google Earth allows the user to zoom through big cities, rustic boroughs and over the arctic.

The scope of application for this new development is mind boggling and adds a new dimension to how we will be able to interact with digital information in the future.

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