Magento Launches Magento Community Edition

The launch of Magento Small Business Community Edition is set to revolutionise online storefronts and your small business can utilise Magento to achieve rapid development and expansion.

Helping small businesses to effectively establish cost friendly online Magento storefronts, this groundbreaking venture combines the skills of business managers with proven Magento partners to establish the free Magento Community Edition. Making use of Magento’s alliance with PayPal, Braintree, and eBay Marketplaces, this is a landmark moment in e-retail solutions by creating a focussed and innovative approach to business development.

Magento Community Edition has been described as the most effective platform for new organisations to enhance their operations through improved functions and greater versatility. Through increased connection between organisations and partners Magento plans to enhance commerce innovation and development for small businesses.

Magento is such a landmark because of its capacity to connect retailers to the ecommerce capabilities necessary to keep ahead of the market, maintain existing and engage new consumers, and expand business opportunities locally and internationally. With Pixify’s highly efficient website builder, commitment to ongoing support and top of the line ecommerce features small businesses can create their own Magento online store to fast-track their business growth.

As well as helping small businesses to achieve rapid expansion Magento Small Business offers partners that provide ongoing design solutions, hosting, and customisation.

With the biggest open-source commerce system, almost a quarter of a million sites rely on the power of Magento. To find out more about how your small business can benefit from Magento or for any assistance with small business, website development or ecommerce solutions contact iFactory for your next Magento website.

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